Ready To Claim The Keys To Your Dream Home?

Then my “Claim My Keys” Home Buying Challenge is for you!

In just 10 days, I’ll teach you the specific, step-by-step actions to take to Claim Your Keys to your Dream Home!

We’re talking credit, budgeting, lender approval guidelines, which loan type works best for you, debt-to-income ratios and more!
You’ll receive each day’s lesson in a downloadable workbook, filled with additional strategies for:
  • Repairing Your Credit
  • Budgeting & Financial Goal Setting
  • Eliminating Debts
  • Improving Your Debt-to-Income Ratios
  • How to Guarantee Your Home Loan Approval
  • How to Build Your Home Buying Team
  • And More….
  • Live Credit Class taught by The Frugal CrediTnista (ME!)
  • Live Budgeting for Home Ownership Lesson taught by Realtor & Financial Coach, Natasha M. Campbell
  • Live NACA for Home Ownership Lesson taught by NACA Volunteer & NACA Home Owner Nicole Johnson
  • Live Mortgage Preparation Lesson taught by VP of Mortgage Compliance, Rae Palmer

Course curriculum

  • 01
    "Claim My Keys" Home Buying Masterclass!
    Show Content
    • Get Acquainted with Your Instructor
    • Preparation is Key!
  • 02
    Claim My Keys - Daily Lessons
    Show Content
    • Lesson One - Am I Ready to Buy?
    • Lesson Two - How Much Will Purchasing A Home Cost Me?
    • Lesson Two - Tips on How to Complete Assignment
    • Lesson Three - What Do Lenders Want of Me?
    • Lesson 3: Budget Worksheet
    • Lesson Four - Telling My Money Where to Go
    • Lesson Four - SMART_Money_Goals
    • Lesson Five - Prioritize!
    • Lesson Six - Qualifying Income
    • Lesson Six - Assignment One (video) - Qualifying Income
    • Lesson Six - Debts
    • Lesson Six - Assignment (video) - Debt
    • Lesson Six - Debt-to-Income Worksheet
    • Lesson Seven - Which Loan Type Works Best for Me?
    • Lesson Eight - How Much Home Can I Afford?
    • Lesson Eight: Home Affordability Calculator
    • Lesson Nine - Soar My Credit Scores!
    • Lesson Ten - My Home Plan of Action
    • Lesson Eleven (Extra Credit) - Types of Homes
    • Bonus Lesson: Building Your 'Home Team'
    • Bonus Lesson: Buying Foreclosed/HUD/Short-Sale Homes
  • 03
    Live Lesson Schedule
    Show Content
    • Budgeting for Home Ownership - Jillian Todd
    • Home Buying Q & A w/Realtor Rashida Costley-Clark
    • Mortgage Q & A/Buying An Investment Property As Your 1st Property - Shavahnna Ann
  • 04
    Claim My Keys Lesson Replays
    Show Content
    • Replay 1: The NACA Program w/Nicole Johnson
    • Replay 2: Budgeting w/Natasha Campbell
    • Replay 3: The Mortgage Approval Process w/Rae Palmer
    • Replay 4: The FICO Mortgage Score w/The Frugal CrediTnista
  • 05
    More Home Ownership Q&As
    Show Content
    • Home Ownership Q&A with Shavahnna Hunt
    • Home Ownership Q&A with Sam Ruben
    • Home Ownership Q&A with Shara Kamal
    • NACA Program Q&A with Latisha Geter and Dante Jackson
    • Home Ownership Q&A with Tarea Deloach
    • Home Ownership Q&A w/Rashida Clarke
    • Budgeting for Home Ownership via NACA w/ Nicole Johnson
    • Realtor Q&A w/ Tracey Mack
    • Loan Officer Q&A with Shavahnna Hunt
    • Mortgage Underwriter Q&A w/ Alecia White-Smith
    • Realtor Q&A w/ Toni Ball

What's included?

  • 6 Videos

  • 20 Text

  • 1 PDF

  • 1 Audio


  • About the instructor

    Netiva, The Frugal CrediTnista, is a financial educator, specializing in helping others realize the power of leveraging their personal credit to build wealth.For over 10 years, her firm, MNH FInancial Services, LLC, teaches people across the country, how to Master their Money, Destroy their Debts, & Soar their Credit Scores.Having overcome half a million dollars in debt herself, she recognizes the importance of providing her students and clients with factual informaiton that they can begin implementing immediately to transform their lives.Her mission is to help 10,000 people this year to save more money, increase their net worth, and transfer the faces of ownership in communities across the country starting with learning, building and leveraging her student's credit scores, by practicing healthy financial habits.She is living proof that a temporary financial situation, does not determine our financial destination.

    Netiva "The Frugal CrediTnista"

    Financial Educator, Realtor, Certified Credit Counselor