Sometimes, we need a little direction.

Other times we need a full blown, step-by-step, personalized plan of action.

Find all of that & more inside the Help Center :)

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Making Changes to Your Membership
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    • FAQs
  • 02
    Help Center - I Have A Question
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    • Best Place to Post A Question
    • Schedule a Personal Credit Chat
    • Schedule a Personal Budget Chat
    • Schedule A "I Need Help Creating A Custom Credit Building Plan of Action" Consultation
  • 03
    Help Center - 1-on-1 Budgeting Services
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    • Budget Strategy Sessions + Debt Destroying Plans
    • 3-Month Money Mastery Intensive
    • 6mth Budgeting Strategy Session w/ 5 Monthly Budgeting Review Sessions
  • 04
    Help Center - "Dispute for Me" Credit Services
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    • Personal Credit Dispute Services
  • 05
    Help Center - 1-on-1 Credit Coaching Services
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    • Introduction to My Credit Coaching Services!
    • 6-Month Personal Credit Coaching
    • 3 Month Personal Credit Coaching
    • 90-Day Slay Credit Program
  • 06
    Help Center - VIP Financial Coaching Services
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    • VIP Financial Coaching w/ My Prosperity Team!
    • Werk w/The Frugal CrediTnista - One Day Intensive + 6 Months Free Credit OR Budgeting Services
  • 07
    Help Center - Wealth Partner Services - Student Loan Help, Investing, Real Estate Investing & MORE!
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    • Student Loan Help
    • 1-on-1 Real Estate Investment Coaching
    • Tax Help for Individuals & Small Business Owners
    • Life Insurance Help