Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Credit on Fire Academy work?

The Credit On Fire Credit Building Academy is a membership-based platform, where you'll have access to a series of Courses, Challenges, Intensives, and Live Lessons to make your financial journey a whole lot easier!

Each month we’ll have live lessons designed to provide additional information and education on how to Master Your Money, Destroy Your Debts, and Soar Your Credit Scores, as well as how to Leverage your Crdit to Create Wealth.  

Each course is designed and taught by The Frugal CrediTnista and her team of financial industry experts across the country; better known as her “Wealth Partners”

What types of courses are offered?

When you enroll in the Academy, you’ll have access to courses on how to properly dispute to achieve the best results, when to send out a dispute letter, how to respond when your dispute comes back verified, advanced dispute tactics that my firm uses tackle 1000s of negative items for our Credit Repair Clients a year, and More!  

Because I believe credit repair should be approached from a holistic perspective, you’ll also obtain courses on budgeting, eliminating debts, how to negotiate settlement on your debts, how to build business credit, purchase your first investment property, pay off your student loans and that's just to name a few!

Expect pre-recorded courses, Group Lessons, Hot Seats and monthly Q & As!

What does my membership include? Are there any perks or benefits?

Aside from the courses described above, you'll have.... ME!  Having a credit expert as your accountability partner is all types of awesome!  I’ve taught over 300,000 people how to repair their credit over the span of my career and I’m not anywhere near done yet!  After all, I still have your credit scores to soar!!!  

My 1-on-1 VIP Credit Coaching Program starts at $2497; so to gain access to my full suite of credit, budgeting, and wealth creating strategies for less than $20 a month is….. BOMB!!!

You’ll also have access to our Online Study Group, Credit on Fire: Wealth Creators Facebook Group, which is filled with FICO Building, Debt Slayin’, Wealth Building Accountability Partners who are actively working on taking their finances to the next level.  

Inside the Credit on Fire Community, you’ll also have access to my team of Wealth Partners who are experts on How to build a profitable business, investing in stocks, mastering your budget, eliminating your student loan debts, and more!  This is their area, and I know that credit is only the beginning of your financial master plan, right?  You’re repairing your credit to BUILD something and I want to ensure you have the beginner steps and tools to build the right way!

How much does the Credit on Fire Academy cost?

The Academy costs a monthly fee of $19.97.

If you’re in my Credit Makes $ense Community, then you know the initial investment voted on by our fellow Prosperity Partners was $35-$50/mth.  I increased the value of the Academy by gathering industry experts to teach us how to leverage our credit to build wealth and decreased the membership investment to make it affordable for everyone.  

Available Payment Options

Monthly Membership: $19.97/mo. (automatically drafted each month)

6-month Membership: $99.85 mo. (automatically drafted every 6 months)

1-year Membership: $199.70/yr. (automatically drafted every 12 months)

Your Monthly Investment is automatically drafted every month from the date you enrolled in the Academy.  

How Do I Make Changes to My Membership?

To manage your membership (update your credit cards, including cancellations), please EMAIL COFTeam@CreditOnFire.US

It is your responsibility to make changes (including cancellations) to your membership subscription prior to your next billing cycle.  There are No Refunds. 

How long is the Academy?

As long as you’d like it to be!  The Credit on Fire Academy is meant to assist you in Soaring Your Credit Scores and taking the initial steps to achieve your financial goals in entrepreneurship, purchasing your home, investing in real estate, and mapping out a plan for your financial future/retirement.  New courses are continuously introduced based on the needs, wants and desires of our members.  So, as long as you're an active member, you have access!  (Think of the Academy as a gym membership;  you have access to the facilities - in this case, the Academy - as long as you're an active member).

Can I sign up at any time?

YES!  Registration is always open :).

What are some of the courses offered?

  • Fire Your Inquiries – a step-by-step approaching to tackling inquiries from your credit reports.
  • Fire Your Medical Collections – The initial steps to take, when using the HIPAA dispute method, to tackle medical collections on your credit reports.  The remaining steps will be taken together, during March 2018's Group Lesson.
  • Fire Your ChexSystems Reporting! – a step-by-step approach to tackling your negative entries from ChexSystems, EWS and Telecheck.
  • Budgets on Fire! – an in-depth course on how to master the budgeting process, with one of my Wealth Partners; a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach.  Group Lesson Starts December 2018!
  • How to Build Business Credit – a downloadable checklist & guide to start you off on how to obtain funding for your business venture (Full course coming soon!)
  • Claim My Keys  Home Buying Masterclass – a step-by-step intensive on how to purchase your first home.
  • Fire Your Student Loans! -a 14-day challenged, developed to help you understand your student loans, the repayment options available, and how to begin paying them off much sooner. 
  • Fire Your Collections! -  A Complete Step-by-Step blueprint for Firing Collections from your credit reports!  Multiple action guides, video instructions, live lesson replays, dispute letter templates and more!
  • How to Purchase Your First Investment Property
  • How to Invest in Tax Sales!  

What if I Miss One of the Live Lessons or Q & As?

All of the courses inside of Credit on Fire are available inside of the Academy course platform (the one you're on right now).  Everything is recorded so that you can access it when you're ready.  With many of our members working non-traditional hours, along with being students, parents, spouses, etc; I felt it was extremely important to make all of the content available ‘on demand’.   This way, you can work through each lesson at a time and pace that is convenient for you. 

As long as you are an active member, you have unlimited access to all of the valuable information inside of the Academy!

Where is the Facebook Community Located?

Here you go!  Make sure to put the email address and name that you enrolled in the Academy with:

If I end my membership, will I still have access to courses released when I was an active member, but not access to new courses?

No, this is a membership.  Once you are no longer a member, you will no longer have access to the courses inside of the Academy.  Each month, you are not paying for each course (although you certainly can with some of them at CMS Academy), but for a membership to the Credit on Fire Academy.

Can I share my membership by giving someone else my login?

No, if your membership is shared by multiple people, the system will automatically lock one account out (Spouses/Mates excluded from this rule, you two should be Lit together, right? :D ).

Hope this helps!

Your Partner in Prosperity,

~ Netiva, "The Frugal CrediTnista"