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Credit on Fire Academy offers a simple, yet powerful step-by-step solution to teaching you how to Master Your Money, Destroy Your Debts, & Soar Your Credit Scores!

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  Praise report. Netiva Heard you are awesome. I've been in credit in fire from the beginning following what you have taught me. My car broke down this morning. I'm at the car dealer now. Pulled my credit score 683. Started out last year at 585. I was asked if I wanted to put a down payment in the vehicle. I came in with a grand. They asked me if I wanted to do 6 years. No I'm doing 4 years and paying it off in two. Thanks for all you do!   

Kimberly M.

  I'm forever grateful to God and Netiva Heard for Sharing her knowledge and all of those who inspire. This has truly been a journey and I still have work to do but I'm closer to my dreams. I logged on to this today and I'm just waiting on my alert from Fico that my score has increased. Be mindful I was in the low 400 a few months ago. Between last week and today it went up about 170 points! #700Club #TrustTheProcess  

Shantrell W.

  Netiva I am taking this time to THANK YOU!!! Never in my adult life has my credit score ever been in the 700s; but because YOU and all the information you provide us I have made it to the 700 club!!! To the folks who doubt Netiva's courses and information....DON'T! If you do the work, your scores will SOAR!!  

Nicole M.

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All the negative stuff on my credit has been falling off. Getting credit card offers in the mail


I got my DTI ratio down to 21%!!!! Thanks to Netiva and her Rent2Home course!!! I see homeownership in the near future!!!


One of the best investments ever!!! In just 2 months my credit scores have increased tremendously, at least 50 points, and just last week it went up another 11 points. You will not be disappointed!


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Growing up in a single-parent household on the Westside of Chicago, I know what it means to struggle as a child, and to carry that struggle into adulthood. I have been where you are now. Bad credit sucks, but struggling sucks too! I know what it feels like to be broke and to feel broken, and I don’t want that for you. Rewrite your story and become financially successful. I am a Certified Credit Counselor, Financial Educator, Realtor, Speaker, and Author. I am passionate about financially empowering others with the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to get the financial independence they desire.