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    • Welcome to the Working Homeschooler's Resource Center!
    • Please Help Us Make this Free Resource Even Better!
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    What We Know About the Coronavirus (FACTS not Speculation)
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    • Facts from CDC
    • What I Never Thought I'd Write About -- Toilet Paper Alternatives
    • How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Wipes
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    Financial Moves to Make Right Now
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    • Stack Your Cash & Automate
    • Assess Your Debts
    • Assessing Your Debts - Student Loans
    • Rent Protections
    • Utility Services Protection
    • Investing
    • Tax Q&A
    • Control Your Grocery Budget w/Meal Planning & Online Couponing
    • Pick Up A Side Hustle
    • Create/Fine-Tune Your "Life After" Plan
    • Practice Social Distancing In ALL Areas
    • IRS Stimulus Checks
    • IRS Stimulus Checks
    • Ask for Assistance
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    Homeschooling Resources
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    • Making $ense of Homeschooling w/Dr. Sheva Quinn
    • Working while Homeschooling w/Homeschooling Expert Bee Jackson
    • TEMPORARY - DAILY Live Lessons/Courses Being Offered on Social Media
    • TEMPORARY Homeschooling Freebies
    • Free Homeschool Curriculums - Provided by my Prosperity Partners - Pulled from Various Websites
    • Homeschooling Pre-K & Kindergarten (my personal favs)
    • Homeschooling Elementary School (my personal favs)
    • A "Real" Way to Teach Math (because you asked me)
    • Middle School
    • High School
    • Narration Assignments for Video Learning
    • Amazon Prime Video Ideas for Narration Assignments (or Fun!)
    • Netflix Video Ideas for Narration Assignments (or Fun!)
    • HULU Video Ideas for Narration Assignments (or Fun!)
    • YouTube Video Ideas (keeps kids occupied & learning at the same time!)
    • Podcasts Ideas for Narration Assignments (or Fun!)
    • Educational Apps for Kids (keeps kids occupied & learning at the same time!)
    • Personalized Packets for 10-days, Grades Pre-K - 8
    • Credit On Fire Members....
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    Final Thoughts
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    • Support Each Other!
    • Thank You!!!